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Documents for Download

Document Title Description
Commuter Letter

Download Commuter Letter

If you are looking for vanpool support from your employer, download and send this pre-written letter to start a conversation about how we can all work together to improve your commute. 

COVID-19 Vanpool Guidelines

Download COVID-19 Vanpool Guidelines

Our team is here to help you navigate the pandemic while you commute with METRO Star. Read more to see how what we're doing to keep our vanpoolers safe. 

Riders Wanted Flyer

Download Riders Wanted Flyer

Looking for more riders in your area? Download, print, and fill out this flyer to help us promote your route. You can post it in your breakroom, announcement board, or at your local community center.  

Star Vanpool Flyer

Download Star Vanpool Flyer

Download this flyer to either print or share digitally with people who are looking to learn more about vanpool. 

STAR Vanpool Manual

Download STAR Vanpool Manual

Must read how-to document for all vanpoolers that shares information on how to add and delete riders, get an oil change, report an accident and more.